From the selectivity of wide range materials to the finished products etched well ,TMN has own complete management system and fully automatic manufacturing equipments ,all facilities encable TMN to control the quality and lead time very well .

  • Tight Tolerance – Continuous reel-to-reel chemical etching has the ability to hold very tight tolerances for small feature sizes with a very high degree of repeatability and consistency.
  • Increased Repeatability – Reel-to-reel chemical etching significantly reduces the total cost of quality, especially in high reliability applications.
  • Improved Time-to-Market – Photo etched parts are produced using photo masks which reduces tooling and production costs, while improving time to market.
  • Burr Free – With metal etching, including panel etching, customers can design burr-free, precision metal components with ultra-fine pitches, intricate shapes and 3-D feature profiles, unavailable using traditional metal stamping processes.
  • Vertical Integration – Reel-to-reel metal etching of parts can be presented to other automated manufacturing processes such as forming,plating, insert molding and assembly on a reel, further reducing total manufacturing costs.

Why choose chemical etching /chemical milling for thin metal parts ?


***Chemical etching / chemical milling is an excellent choice for customized thin metal parts,it is different from stamping and laser cutting ,for stamping ,once your design confirmed ,you can’t change the design at will .For chemical etching / chemical milling ,it is easy to make the prototypes without any tooling charge and quick lead time (normally is 3 days ),in this way ,it is a great help to your premilinary study .

Some other advantages of chemical etching / chemical milling as below ,

  1. Offering tight tolerance ,normally it is +/- 0.03mm ,for some special products ,we could reach +/-0.01mm as you required .
  2.  Multiformity of raw materials ,stainless steel ,copper ,brass ,silicon steel plate ,titanium ,aluminum .
  3. Extensive selectivity of material thickness ,0.03mm to 2.0mm .

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